CS Series

Model: CS Series
44.44A - 177.77A
 3kVA - 18kVA
Programmable high power AC current source

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The CS Series represents an advanced AC current source that addresses increasing demands on manufacturers to test products using real-world current profiles. By combining true current transconductance amplifiers with an advanced digital controller and harmonic power analyzer, CS Series current sources are capable of performing tests that would traditionally have been difficult to accomplish.

The CS Series is completely microprocessor controlled and can be operated from a simple front panel keypad. An analog knob located next to the backlit alphanumeric LCD display allows output current or frequency to be slewed up or down dynamically. With precise current programming and regulation, high output current, multi-phase mode and built-in power analyzer measurement capabilities, CS Series AC current sources address many AC current test applications. Additional features, like arbitrary waveform generation and transient generation make the CS Series the ideal source for demanding production test requirements.

All CS Series AC sources are equipped with IEEE-488 (GPIB), USB and RS232C remote control interfaces and support SCPI command language programming. An Ethernet interface is optional (-LAN Option).

Key Features
  • Precision Current Source : Ideally suited for current protection device testing
  • Single and Three Phase Modes : Built-in phase mode switch makes output configuration easy
  • 3kVA to 18kVA Power Levels : Match power source & cost to application requirements
  • Arbitrary Waveform Generator : Test products using real world current profiles including harmonic currents
  • Built-In Power Analyzer : Performs voltage & current harmonic analysis & waveform acquisition
  • Standard IEEE-448, USB and RS232C : Remote control interface for ATE system integration
  • GUI Software Suite: Allows users to access the powerful features & functions of the instrument on a Windows™ system
  • Programmable Transients : Amplitude & time control with up to 1ms resolution

Current Control
The CS Series uses true current feedback control. This is considerably different from many commonly available AC power sources that use a voltage feedback scheme in combination with a constant current mode of operation. Such power sources adjust the output voltage to try and maintain the requested current level (Voltage controlled current). These voltage controlled current sources have a finite response time to sudden impedance changes, which typically results in dynamic current over or undershoot as the load impedance changes. A current controlled current source does not suffer from the response lag and will always maintain the current at the specified level, regardless of transient load conditions. The maximum compliance voltage supported by the CS Series is 135 Vrms. A lower compliance voltage trip level can be programmed as needed.

Waveform Generation
The CS Series provides sine, clipped sine and square waveforms in addition to user defined arbitrary waveforms. Harmonic waveforms can be used to test for harmonic current susceptibility of a unit under test. With the help of the supplied Windows Instrument Control Software (ICS), defining harmonic waveforms is as easy as specifying the relative amplitude and phase angle for each of up to 50 harmonics. The user also has the ability to define arbitrary waveform data. Complex AC current anomalies can be simulated this way. The waveform data points generated are downloaded by the ICS to the AC source through IEEE-488, USB or RS232C bus. Up to 50 user-defined waveforms can be stored and given a descriptive name for easy recall. Downloaded waveforms are retained in non-volatile memory for recall over the bus or from the front panel.

Transient Generation
To simulate complex current events, the CS Series offers a list of transient steps. These steps can be programmed from the front panel or downloaded over the interface using the software supplied. The ICS allows libraries of commonly used sequences to be created on disk for quick recall. Once downloaded, the transient program can be executed from the PC or from the front panel. AC current transient generation allows the effect of rapid changes in current, frequency and current waveform shape on the unit under test to be analyzed. The combination of transients and user defined arbitrary waveforms creates a powerful test platform for AC powered products.

The CS Series measurement system is based on real-time digitization of the voltage and current waveforms using a 4K-sample buffer. The digitized waveform data is processed by a Digital Signal Processor to extract conventional load values such as rms voltage, rms current, real and apparent power. The same data is also used to perform Fast Fourier Transformation (FFT) to extract the harmonic amplitude and phase angle of 50 harmonics.

Standard Measurements
The following standard measurements are available from the front panel or via the bus: Frequency, Phase, Voltage (rms), Current (rms), Peak Voltage, Voltage Crest Factor, Real Power, Apparent Power, Power Factor

Advanced Measurement Functions
In addition to standard load parameters, the CS Series is capable of measuring voltage and current amplitude and phase harmonics. Total harmonic distortion of both voltage and current is also available. Advanced measurement results like harmonic content of voltage and current for all three phases are available over the bus. The ICS can be used to save and print harmonics data in tabular, bar graph or time domain formats. The acquired voltage and current time-domain waveforms for each output phase can also be displayed using the software. Waveform displays on the PC include voltage and current combined, three-phase voltage, three-phase current and true power. The time-domain data is also available for transfer to a PC.

Windows Graphical User Interface
The Instrument Control Software (ICS) offers a soft front panel interface for operation from a PC running Windows Vista™, Windows XP™, or Windows 2000™. The following functions are available through this software:

  • Steady state output control (all parameters).
  • Create, run, save and print transient programs.
  • Generate and save harmonic waveforms.
  • Generate and save arbitrary waveforms.
  • Measure and log standard measurements.
  • Capture and display Voltage and Current waveforms.
  • Measure, display, print and log harmonic voltage and current measurements
CS Series AC Current Source Programming Manual, Rev: F
CS Series, AC Power Source User Manual, Rev: J
CS Series AC Current Source Programming Manual, Rev: F
DocumentCS Series AC Current Source Programming Manual, Rev: F
CS Series, AC Power Source User Manual, Rev: J
DocumentCS Series, AC Power Source User Manual, Rev: J
CS Series Data Sheet
CS Series Data Sheet
DocumentCS Series Data Sheet
CS Firmware V1.37 (CIC910-1V1.37)
CS Series Instrument Control Software Version: . CS-ICS For 32 bit operating systems
Flash Loader V1.60
CS Firmware V1.37 (CIC910-1V1.37)
DocumentCS Firmware V1.37 (CIC910-1V1.37)
CS Series Instrument Control Software Version: . CS-ICS For 32 bit operating systems
DocumentCS Series Instrument Control Software Version: . CS-ICS For 32 bit operating systems
Flash Loader V1.60
DocumentFlash Loader V1.60
CS Driver CS LabWindows/CVI Driver² V1.0.0.0
CS Driver, V1.0.0.0 CS LabView 2009 Driver¹
Windows XP / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 (32 bit, 64 bit) : USB VCP Driver
CS Driver CS LabWindows/CVI Driver² V1.0.0.0
DocumentCS Driver CS LabWindows/CVI Driver² V1.0.0.0
CS Driver, V1.0.0.0 CS LabView 2009 Driver¹
DocumentCS Driver, V1.0.0.0 CS LabView 2009 Driver¹
Windows XP / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 (32 bit, 64 bit) : USB VCP Driver
DocumentWindows XP / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 (32 bit, 64 bit) : USB VCP Driver
SLM High Power Loads
Model Output Power Phase Output Input Voltage¹
3000CS 3 kVA 1/3 208-230V
4500CS 4.5 kVA 1/3 208-230V
4500CS-400 4.5 kVA 1/3 400V
9000CS/2 9 kVA 1/3 208-230V
9000CS/2-400 9 kVA 1/3 400V
13500CS/3 13.5 kVA 1/3 208-230V
13500CS/3-400 13.5 kVA 1/3 400V
18000CS/4 18 kVA 1/3 208-230V
18000CS/4-400 18 kVA 1/3 400V

Note (1): All input voltage specifications are for Line-to-Line three phase, delta or wye. Model 3000CS (208 V input) can be operated on 230 V L-N single-phase.

Input Options
-400 400 ±10% Volt Line to Line AC input
Output Options
-AX¹ Auxiliary outputs, 26 VAC, 5 VAC. Limits upper frequency to 800 Hz.
-LF¹ Limits output frequency to 500 Hz
-FC Modifies output frequency control to ± 0.25%
Note 1: See option matrix
Controller Options
-HF Auxiliary outputs, 26 VAC, 5 VAC. Limits upper frequency to 800 Hz.
-MB Limits output frequency to 500 Hz
-L22 Locking Knob.
-LAN Ethernet Interface
-LKM¹ Clock and Lock Master
-LKS¹ Clock and Lock Auxiliary
-LNS² Line Sync.
-EXS² External Sync
Note 1: See option matrix
Note 2 : -LKS, -LNS and -EXS are mutually exclusive and with Ext Trig function
Cabinet Options
-RMS Rackmount Slides. Recommended for rack mount applications
C1-C5 prefix Cabinet System. Number indicates cabinet height. Installed and
pre-wired in 19” cabinet. Consult factory for available cabinet
Option Matrix
LF -
LKM - x
LKS x - x
EXS x -
AX -
Note that some options are mutually exclusive as indicated in the table below. An ‘o’ means the options can be combined. An ‘x’ means they cannot.
Note: Specifications are subject to change without notice. Specifications are warranted over an ambient temperature range of 25°± 5° C. Unless otherwise noted, specifications are per phase for a sinewave with a resistive load and apply after a 30 minute warm-up period. For three phase configurations, all specifications are for L-N. Phase angle specifications are valid under balanced load conditions only.

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