Energy And Power Generation

The energy and power-generation market segment is evolving rapidly. Renewable energy sources continue to gain ground as companies perfect their photovoltaic, wind, and fuel-cell technologies and develop reliable energy-storage systems to provide backup power. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, renewables accounted for 21% of U.S. power generation in 2020, and their share will increase to 42% by 2050. Within the renewable space, solar is poised to gain the most ground. Solar accounted for 16% of renewable power generation in 2020, vs. 41% for wind. In 2050, solar will account for 47% of renewable power generation, vs. 34% for wind.

AMETEK Programmable Power is well positioned to serve conventional and renewable energy and power-generation applications with a range of standard products:

  • MX Series and RS Series of AC, DC and AC + DC power sources can both source and sink AC current and serve as bidirectional regenerative green power solutions. The MX Series delivers 15kVA to 135kVA while RS Series comes in 90kVA to 1MVA configurations.
  • The Asterion AC Series offers ratings from 500VA to 36kVA and can serve in AC power simulation and frequency- and voltage-conversion applications.
  • The CSW Series features ratings from 5.5kVA to 33.3kVA and incorporates a power analyzer to support load susceptibility testing and power-line disturbance simulation and test.
  • HPX Series DC supplies come in 36kW to 240kW versions and can serve PV inverter and fuel-cell R&D applications.
  • The AC eLoad - 3091LD offers 3kVA to 12kVA ratings and provides precisely controlled, nonlinear loads for testing AC power-generation equipment.
  • The 800W to 7.5kW air-cooled PLA Series and 6kW to 250kW water-cooled PLW Series electronic loads serve in a variety of renewable-energy applications, including fuel-cell test.

If a standard power product does not meet your requirements, AMETEK Programmable Power stands ready to modify existing products or integrate them into custom systems for your application. An example is the TerraSAS ETS Series standalone terrestrial solar-array photovoltaic simulators. Specifically designed to emulate the dynamic electrical behavior of a terrestrial PV solar array, they support microgrid, energy-storage, and inverter test applications. TerraSAS ETS Series systems incorporate standard products modified to offer the low output capacitance and high closed-loop bandwidth to enable test of the advanced maximum-power-point tracking (MPPT) algorithms used in today’s grid-tied inverters.

Whatever your programmable power needs, AMETEK Programmable Power stands ready to provide reliable and flexible standard or engineered solutions to serve the testing needs of emerging renewable-energy power-generation applications while continuing to support conventional power-generation systems.

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